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Centrewest Client Employment Relations Advisory Service

Disclaimer: This is a service provided by PSL Advisory (part of the PSL Group) to Centrewest, for its clients. All advice, information, and documents provided via this service is of a general commercial nature only and does not represent legal advice. Users of this service should as always, where relevant, consider seeking legal advice before using or relying on the information or documents obtained from this services. (Legal advice is available as a separate service from PSL Legal - a part of the PSL Group). The contents of any correspondence or discussions are not confidential between you and the advisor as relevant information may be shared with Centrewest for administrative purposes.

Pedestrain Bridge

CALL: 1300 758 478

8:30 am - 5:00pm
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Our Services


PSL Group has over 16 years experience advising businesses across various industries in relation to employment relations and OSH. PSL Advisory (Part of the PLS Group) has partnered with Centrewest to provide it's clients with access to expert employment relations and health and safety advice.


A Library of various HR and OSH policy templates. FREE to access for Centrewest clients.


A subscription based service providing access to fit for purpose:

  • Employment Contracts 

  • HR Letters 

  • Forms

  • Checklists (OSH + HR)

  • Managers Guides

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